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Brake Service

Restore Safe Brake Performance

Drive Worry-Free with Reliable Brakes

Each time you get behind the wheel, you depend on the brake system to work flawlessly. Today, brake rotors and pads can last for thousands of miles and may only need replacement once or twice during the life of your vehicle depending on how you drive and the part quality. But the brake system isn't impervious, and many motorists require new brake parts sooner than the average.

Whether it's time for replacement brake pads and rotors or you need a brake repair, you can count on F & F Tire World.

We provide brake service for Delavan, WI, Cherry Valley, IL, Franklin, WI, and surrounding areas.

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Brake Repair in Delavan, WI

We offer complete brake service, including:

If we discover a problem with your brakes, we'll discuss repair options with you. A minor repair now can prevent a major repair in the future. Call your nearest location or schedule an appointment online today to restore brake safety.

Know Your Brake System

As you might imagine, there are many parts involved to get your vehicle to slow down or come to a complete stop from high speeds. There are also two types of brakes - disc brakes that squeeze pads against the rotor and drum brakes that use pistons. In modern vehicles, disc brakes are more common to see than drum brakes. However, drum brakes are still used today and sometimes in combination with disc brakes.

    Brake Pad: Squeeze the rotor to slow your car. Brake pads wear out from use and should be replaced when 1/4" or less of the pad remains. When it's time to replace the brake pads, you may hear noise when braking. It's important to replace worn pads for continued efficiency and so the pads don't cause grooves in the rotors.

    Calipers: Hold the brake pads in place against the rotor. It's possible for caliper leaks to occur. If you notice brake fluid leaking from the caliper seal, make sure to get it checked. Leaks damage the brake pads and decrease the overall performance of the brake system.

    Rotor (Disc): Create friction to slow or stop the vehicle. Like brake pads, brake rotors wear from use. Each time the brake pad and brake rotor meet, both wear down a little. Uneven wear can create warped rotors that cause brake noise and brake lock-up. Rotors should be resurfaced or replaced as needed.

    Grease Seal: Prevents lubricant leaks and protects wheel bearings. A damaged grease seal should be replaced to prevent wheel bearing wear,

    Caliper Seal: Puts pistons in neutral position and maintains piston adjustment. A damaged caliper seal can leak brake fluid and affect piston operation. If the brake pads become stuck against the rotor, both become damaged from heat and wear. You may also lose fuel efficiency from brake drag. Seek a caliper service to restore performance.

    Caliper Piston: Pushes the brake pad against the rotor. If a damaged piston freezes, a vehicle experiences brake drag, brake pad wear, and possible leakage. Replace the piston and seek caliper service.

    Dust Boot: Protects the caliper and its parts. A damaged dust boot won't provide adequate defense for the delicate, internal caliper parts. A caliper service can fix the problem.

    Caliper Hardware: Inclusive category that refers to the caliper and its parts. Damaged caliper hardware, as described in different sections above, causes a variety of problems including brake noise and brake drag, plus excessive wear on the brake pad.

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